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LeadFoot Auto Repair
Brake Service an
d Repair

$169 for most cars, front or rear brakes 
+ parts (i.e. pads, rotors if needed) + tax

Call 510-226-1249 now to schedule an appointment

How Important are your car's brakes?

For a start, brakes are what stop your car when on the move at slow or high speeds.  For this reason, having well maintained brakes not only ensures your safety but that of others on the road.  


It is important that you bring your car for inspection if you notice the following:

  • you need to apply extra force on your break to stop your car

  • you frequently hear high pitch or squeeling noise when you step on the brakes

  • when your car shakes or vibrates or when the steering wheel or brake pedal pulsates or rattles

  • when you notice that the brake pedal get pushed all the way to the floor of your car

  • the brake pedal are too sensitive to your foot with just very little pressure applied on the brakes

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