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When we perform the diagnostics and inspection to determine why your car’s engine failed, we will advise you on whether you need to rebuild your engine or replace it with a new one.

LeadFoot Auto Repair
Engine Rebuilding Services

Call us at (510) 226-1249
or Click  here "
Contact Us" and provide us with the year,
make, model, and engine size of your vehicle so we can prepare an estimate for a rebuilt or used engine replacement.

One advantage of rebuilding an engine is cost: it is certainly less costly than buying a new one from a dealership. And at Leadfoot Auto Repair, we will quote you the best possible price. An advantage of having Leadfoot rebuild your engine is the assurance of the quality of work. And of course, you are doing the environment a favor by having a recycled engine!

One of Leadfoot’s specialty
is repairing and rebuilding engines.


Our automotive technicians have
years of experience working with

Their knowledge of engines are well-known among their peers who often seek out their expertise.The finished product of this expertise is a fully functional and reliable rebuilt or crate engine!

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