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LeadFoot Auto Repair
Cooling System, Radiator Repair 

($149 4CYL) ($179 6CYL) (V8 $199) 
plus parts (i.e. radiator, coolant) plus tax

Call 510-226-1249 now to schedule an appointment

When your radiator starts giving you trouble, or your cooling system has problems 
bring your vehicle to Leadfoot Auto Repair for resolution.

Your radiator is an important part of your car's cooling system. Without a properly functioning radiator your car will overheat and will damage your engine which can result to unexpected, expensive repairs. So whether you have a leak in your radiator, or need a new radiator, we can help find the right part for your vehicle, give you an accurate time and cost estimate. 


Our technicians have decades of experience in radiator and cooling system repair; we will make sure your car gets the best repair possible. As always with LeadFoot Auto Repair, all labor and parts are guaranteed.


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