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Leadfoot Auto Repair has been providing diagnostic services
to residents of Fremont, Newark and Union City for the last 15 years

LeadFoot Auto Repair
Diagnostics Service

$125 for mechanical diagnostics;  $145 for electrical diagnostic
(includes 1 1/2 hours technician time)

Call 510-226-1249 now to schedule an appointment

Few reasons your car may need diagnostics:  

  • it doesn't start or it starts then stalls

  • change in engine performance (poor acceleration, poor engine idling, misfires)

  • noise/rattles/shakes (noise as car accelerates at highway speed, squeaks, grinds, vibration, shaking steering wheel)

  • necessary safety inspection

  • pre-purchase diagnostics

  • when lights indicators/signals malfunctions

  • poor gas mileage
    Call Leadfoot Auto Repair now to learn more about our Diagnostic Service.

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