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Timing Belt Replacement and Repair Costs

At Leadfoot Automotive, we give you a timing belt replacement or repair price, it is inclusive of the complete Timing Belt Kit which contains all the components recommended by your manufacturer, such as timing belt, rollers, tensioners, & water pumps.

In a combustion engine such as your car, timing belts are reinforced bands of rubber that keep the valves and pistons working in a precise order to coordinate the turnings of the crank and cam shafts.

Visually, on most cases, you cannot tell the difference between a new and a used timing belt. Thus, before you know it, they just snap. And when they do, your car’s engine will grind to a halt and becomes inoperable.


Since there is very little warning as to when the timing belt fails, Leadfoot cannot emphasize enough the importance of having your timing belts replaced in accordance to your car manufacturer’s recommendation.



Some shops may quote you only for a timing belt price. Upon taking your car to their shop, they may then inform you of the need to install the complete Timing Belt Component Kit, and in which case, your original quoted price may turn out to be significantly higher.


All labor and parts are guaranteed.


Many shops offer only a 90-day warranty.

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